Why foam?

Simply, foam is the ideal way to clean. The weight and viscosity of foam allows it to increase the contact time on top of greasy and dirty surfaces which makes the cleaning of grimy surfaces simple and easy. With our device and solution, you can even clean ceilings and walls!

Our specially designed “all in one” foam cart contains a 5 galloon (18ltr) drum, electrical compressor and foaming system along with 100ft (30mtr) hose.


The unit comes equipped with:


Garbage Chute Nozzle


Spray Wand


Odor Mister

If you are looking for a more portable cleaning solution

Foam Caddy The Foam Caddy is a fully portable, battery operated foaming machine. It is perfect for cleaning those hard to reach areas within buildings.

The caddy can store up to 10 gallons (37ltr) of solution and is battery operated. The battery can run for up to 45 minutes of continuous use. We also provide an additional battery for extended use and second charging station to make sure you are always ready to foam.



The foaming system is nothing without our foam!

TP Waste Away C102 TP Waste Away C102 delivers concentrated, bio-active cleaners in a thick and clinging foam. The foam clings to surfaces for longer contact time and better cleaning.. The increased contact time of the bacterial cleaner improves the removal of with greases and organic soils, drastically.

It can be used on surfaces such as tile, porcelain, metal, linoleum, plastic and ceramic.

TP Waste Away C102 is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.