AC Duct Cleaning Services

At Envida, we emphasise on the importance of regular HVAC cleaning. In the UAE, people spend almost 100% of their time indoors. This then puts a large amount of need and pressure on our Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. We provide the best HVAC cleaning services and maintenance in Dubai.

Usually, when a building is constructed and commissioned, the HVAC systems of our buildings are never cleaned. Upon inspection of a never cleaned before HVAC system we commonly find construction debris and building materials, dirt and dust as well as other foreign objects.

The air conditioning system plays an integral part to ensuring good indoor air quality as well as indoor comfort. To ensure it is providing air that is clean and healthy the system should be cleaned and sanitized. This includes all of the AC system components – not just the filter.

We provide HVAC cleaning services which will be undertaken as per NADCA ACR 2013 standards. Once your project is completed you will be given a comprehensive project report detailing how the project was undertaken, the previous condition of the duct work and system components as well as the newly cleaned condition.

Given below are a few images that show the air conditioning cleaning process-

Meet the Envida Team AC before cleaning   BEFORE CLEANINGAC during cleaning AC during cleaning DURING CLEANINGAC during cleaning AC After cleaningAFTER CLEANING