At Envida, our customers always remain a priority and we make sure we do everything in our reach for them to be satisfied with our services. Mentioned below are some motivating testimonials and feedback from our customers:

“We had air conditioning cleaning done in our apartment in the greens, I was shocked to see the amount of dirt in our AC system. We called Envida, they came out to see us (free of charge) and they did an excellent job. Thank you.”  – Daniel, The Greens

“We had mold growing on the ceiling of our bedroom and we were concerned for our new baby. We called Envida and they came, removed the mold, fixed the chilled water piping and cleaned the AC system. We were really happy with the results.” – Agua, Sky View Tower

“We were moving into a new apartment and I wanted to make sure that the AC system was cleaned for our newly born children. Envida were great. They walked us through the project and did a fantastic job. I will definitely use them again.” – Eugine, Jumeirah Beach Residence

“I had mold growing in my apartment which was making me sick and Envida came in, cleaned and disinfected all my furniture and AC system. I was so happy with their service. Highly recommended.” – Sara, Sky Gardens DIFC

“Envida, I was really happy with the results from the AC cleaning in my apartment. Your team was on time and did a great job.” – William, DEC Tower

“Envida, your team was conscientious, professional and will definitely recommend your services. You’re the best.” – Dr Patrice, Apartment in Abu Dhabi

“Envida cleaned our AC and we were really happy with there service. Great company.” – Craig, Sulafa Tower

“Great service, very happy with your company.” – Dr Armin, Villa in Abu Dhabi

“The process for mold remediation and AC cleaning was clearly explained. All our furniture and belongings were covered, work was done very well and the area was cleaned neatly.” – Michelle – Goldcrest JLT

“Envida did a very good job with mold cleaning in our apartment.” – Zukifar – Villa in Abu Dhabi

“Thorough job performance. Envida worked well and cleaned up after their works.” – Hussain – Villa in Abu Dhabi

“Your team was on time. Clean, friendly and the job your guys did was fantastic. I was shocked to see how much dirt was in my ducts. It is true that we all must get it checked on regular basis.” – Wesley – Al Shab

“I could see that the works had been done very well. The AC looks and smells very clean now.” – Camilo – Jumeirah Beach Residence

“Envida did a very good job in cleaning our AC.” – Dr Fadi – Villa in Abu Dhabi

“I was very satisfied with Envidas work, great job! The Envida team is very timely and organised.” – Dana – Apartment in Abu Dhabi

“Your team was very nice, your team’s communication was great, they were friendly and clean.” – Basim – Villa in Abu Dhabi