AC duct cleaning DeiraAt Envida, we emphasise on the importance of regular AC duct cleaning Deira, Dubai. In the UAE, people spend almost 100% of their time indoors. This then puts a large amount of need and pressure on our Air Conditioning systems (HVAC). Usually, when a building is constructed and commissioned, the HVAC systems of our buildings are never cleaned. Upon inspection of a never cleaned before AC system we commonly find construction debris and building materials, dirt and dust as well as other foreign objects. Therefore we not only suggest regular cleaning, but also provide free inspection for AC duct cleaning in Dubai Marina.


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Whether commercial or residential, we provide AC duct cleaning which will be undertaken as per NADCA ACR 2013 standards. Once your project is completed you will be given a comprehensive project report detailing how the project was undertaken, the previous condition of the duct work and system components as well as the newly cleaned condition. Our cleaning process is best suited to office buildings, schools, nursing homes and hospitals, in addition to other industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.AC duct cleaning Deira

There is no doubt that the air conditioning system plays an integral part in our lives and thus it is critical to ascertain that its providing good indoor air quality as well as indoor comfort. To ensure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy, AC systems should be regularly cleaned and sanitized. This includes all of the AC system components – not just the filter.

So how do your AC systems get dirty? Here is a great video from NADCAHVAC explaining how they actually get dirty and what we need to do to keep them clean.

Envida (AC duct cleaning Deira, Dubai) :

Our AC duct and component cleaning methodology is defined, directed and certified by NADCA. This direction begins with the type of equipment we use and ends with our project reporting.

Envida are a one stop shop for all your indoor air quality needs. Simply, we are the best in this country at what we do. We say that with no bravado or arrogance, but with a proven track record of delivering our IAQ services, successfully, safely and on time.

Our services start with our combined 80 years of experience joined with our NADCA certifications and IAQA memberships; followed by our advice, preparation of work plans and execution of the plan; and ends successfully with your complete satisfaction.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not provide 30 unrelated services. We specialise specifically in Indoor Air Quality Services. They range from air conditioning cleaning and maintenance, mold / fungus remediation, testing and air balancing to IAQ testing and other indoor air quality related works.

Our Vision:

To be the number one service provider for all indoor air quality, maintenance, cleaning, mold remediation and air testing concerns in the UAE. We will provide a highly professional and timely service that will result in repeat custom from a loyal client base from all business sectors.


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