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Poor air quality must be addressed urgently - Gulf News

Poor air quality must be addressed urgently

Article credits – Gulf News. Published:  April 05, 2019 16:34 To protect our planet for the benefit of future generations, the time to act is now. Almost by the day new research, studies and scientific findings emerge that ought to offer enough evidence that, collectively, we are doing long-term irreparable damage to our environment. As present-day […]

6 steps to improve indoor air quality

6 steps to improve indoor air quality

Article featured on By Brandpoint. Dated: Jan 8, 2019 Spring and summer have a reputation for being allergy seasons, but actually two-thirds of allergy sufferers experience symptoms year-round. Airborne allergens don’t disappear when the weather cools, windows close and everyone heads indoors. Throughout “closed-window season,” the lack of ventilation can cause irritants like dust, […]

Guidelines for Building Sensors to Measure Indoor Air Quality

Article featured on Sensors Online. By Christian Meyer. Dated: Dec 4, 2018 The Importance of Good Air Quality Maintaining good air quality has become a priority around the world, especially in terms of well-being and living comfort. Bad air quality can lead to fatigue, headache and other negative effects. Continuous monitoring of the indoor air […]