Management of removal and cleaning of dirt and debris is critical in the successful completion and handover of any new project. This is also made difficult when poorly trained, ill equipped cleaners who are not prepared are contracted for post construction cleaning.

Whether you need post construction cleaning or a deep cleaning, we provide fully trained cleaners and hotel trained supervisors with equipment to your site to embark on our three stage cleaning program:

Stage 1 – Builders Clean

Removal of dust debris and waste from the project to leave the area dust free

Stage 2 – Snag Clean

Cleaning works are localized around your snagging teams

Stage 3 – Sparkle Clean

Using specialist skills, cleaning chemicals and techniques the sparkle clean will commence to leave the area ready for occupation. Post Construction Cleaning UAE

We also understand that our supervisor teams are the lynch pin to executing a successful cleaning of any project. This is why our team of supervisors are previous housekeepers and have high levels of speed and understand attention to detail.

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