Nearly all existing direct air conditioners are designed to use more energy than necessary. Aircosaver is a smart control device that eliminates this excess energy consumption and upgrades by 15-25% the energy efficiency of existing AC systems. Smart4Power is the region’s exclusive provider of the Aircosaver solution.


How it works –

Aircosaver is compatible with nearly all direct expansion (DX) AC systems, including window-type, split ducted and ductless, package, and central units. It employs algorithms to optimise the operating time of the AC system’s compressor, which is the component that uses the most energy. It complements the system’s existing thermostat to deliver significant savings while maintaining comfort.


Aircosaver is especially valuable in the hot climate of the UAE and wider region, where air conditioning can comprise in excess of 70% of annual energy costs. Benefits include:

Energy savings of 15-25% across DX AC types
Payback period of 12-25 months for most applications
2-year replacement warranty
Increased AC system lifetime due to reduced use of compressor

We also provide other energy and water saving solutions. Please contact us for more information.