How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Your Home

June 17 2019
How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

An increasing amount of people are suffering from allergies and allergy-like symptoms in their homes, which is where the majority of their time is spent. These symptoms can be brought on by various pollutants within the home due to poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

When there is inadequate ventilation and not enough outdoor air comes into the home to dilute these pollutants, indoor air quality can become poor. Not all allergies and allergy-like symptoms are due to indoor air quality, but you can help reduce the buildup of pollutants that cause some off these symptoms.

  • Utilize a dehumidifier to keep the moisture in your home between 40% and 50% – humidity above 60% can contribute to the growth of mold
  • Open the windows whenever possible to bring the outdoor air inside to help dilute indoor air emissions. However, this is difficult in Dubai during the summer months.
  • Use HEPA vacuum cleaners to reduce dust and other pollutants in the home
  • Utilize air filtration products to help remove pollutants and contaminants from the home
  • Run exhaust vents when showering, cooking, and running the dishwasher
  • Keep an eye out for leaky pipes so they can be fixed before mold begins to grow and thrive off the moisture
  • Place air-filtering plants around your home and be sure not to overwater them!
  • Have your air ducts cleaned regularly to reduce the amount of dust and debris that is pushed through the air grills into the rooms of your home

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