In a tall skyscraper, who wants to walk all the way down a building or go in the lift with their rubbish to dispose of it??? The solution to this problem is to throw the rubbish down a garbage chute.

When building tenants discard their garbage into the garbage chute, bags have a tendency to open or rip on the way down. As this happens, any wet garbage will cling to the inner walls and dry garbage will thus stick to the wet garbage creating fire risks, bacteria/virus build up, and extreme odor problems. This is where Envida Technical Services come in.

On a annual, bi-Annual or quarterly basis, we clean and deodorise the chute by applying specialised chemicals with our high pressured steam cleaning system to restore the garbage chute back to its original state. We continue this until the chute has been attentively rinsed down to our satisfactory levels. We then proceed to each floor, cleaning all grime from within each chute door as well as giving the garbage collection area a thorough rinse. After all this is completed we then release an anti-bacterial spray followed by a de-odorizing agent down the chute to help eliminate future bacteria growth and odors. We can also clean out garbage bins, and/or garbage compactors, removing all grime and debris.

If a deep clean program is not suitable for you, we can provide the chemicals equipment and training to teach you how to undertake these works yourself. See our product section for more information.

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Chute before deep cleaning


Chute after deep cleaning