data center cleaning services

Data Center Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

We live in a world where data center infrastructure is one of the most critical pieces of society. Keeping these information centers operating is crucial to maintain our IT infrastructure.

So how do we help maintain this infrastructure?

Envida provide complete Data Center Cleaning Services and air quality testing in UAE to ensure ISO-1644-1. Our activities include:

  • Sub-Floor Cleaning
  • Equipment and Above-Floor Cleaning
  • Access Floor Cleaning
  • Zinc Whisker Remediation
  • Exterior Equipment Cleaning
  • Interior Electronics Detail Cleaning
  • Ceiling Plenum Cleaning
  • Environmental Audits and Reporting
  • ISO-1644-1 Particulate testing from PM0.3 to PM10
  • Data Center Temperature, Humidity and PM 2.5 monitoring services

To do execute these services, we utilize:

  • Complete anti-static personal protective equipment
  • HEPA rated air scrubbing devices
  • Anti-Static Cleaning Chemicals
  • Hand Tile Pullers
  • Sticky Mats

To add extra piece of mind, we have third party liability for cleaning data centers and we are a member of BICS.

Call us today for your one time or contractual cleaning enquiries.