Have you planned your HVAC system maintenance yet?

January 10 2017
HVAC Cleaning

HVAC Maintance
It is sometimes difficult for homeowners to maintain their Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System. The HVAC System maintenance is complex and has many moving machines, that need to function in a systematic way. We might neglect it, but it is important that this is attended to regularly for the systems long term life expectancy.


The main purpose behind HVAC Maintenance is to keep your cooling, ventilation and heating systems running smoothly in all seasons without breakdowns. You have the choice to arrange the maintenance monthly or annually depending on your system requirements.

Regular maintenance should include –

  1. Checking thermostat settings that keeps cooling and heating system comfortable
  2. Deep cleaning that clears everything that blocks airflow. Always use a soft and clean broom to clean the unit parts.
  3. Greasing of moving parts
  4. Checking the system properly by conducting a safe operation
  5. Cleaning the condenser coils for the system to run longer
  6. Checking refrigerant level to balance energy levels
  7. Cleaning and adjusting blower component
  8. Verifying proper thermostat function

At Envida, we arrange a free inspection initially to analyse and determine the need of your HVAC maintenance. Following this we offer preventive maintenance programs that range from basic maintenance to more advanced preventive measures. For details, contact us directly on admin@envida.ae.