I do clean my air conditioning system, my filters are cleaned every 6 months

January 03 2015
Ac system

“I do clean my air conditioning system, my filters are cleaned every 6 months”, this is quite a common statement we get to hear from many customers. Now, its great that people clean their air conditioning filters because they realize that by doing so it does remove dirt from the filter and allows the unit to run more efficiently. However, this does not mean that your air conditioning systems is clean, as the AC system is larger than just a filter . Throughout our site visits we hear this a lot. A typical system in your house/ apartment/ office looks like this:


The process of air flow air into your room is:

  1. Air comes into the plenum from the building and mixes with the air being returned from the room;
  2. The air is drawn through the filter into the fan coil unit and is cleaned, cooled and dehumidified;
  3. The air then travels down the supply air duct and supply’s air to the room
  4. Used air is then pushed into the return airway and the process begins again.

As you will see, cleaning your filters is a small part of cleaning your AC system. There are many parts of a AC system that can be contaminated with dirt and debris, all of which should be removed to improve your indoor air quality.

In addition to this, many AC systems are never cleaned from the time of construction. This means that the chances the your system is dirty, dusty and contains building materials, or even mold are high. Here is one example of a school in Abu Dhabi:


All of our cleaning works are undertaken in full conformance to international standards (NADCA ACR 2013). If you have any questions or would like a free, zero cost consultation to inspect your premises or property, please call us on 044219510