Importance of AC cleaning in Dubai

May 16 2015
AC cleaning in Dubai

Summer in Dubai is quite something. It seems as though in April the weather is great and during May the temperatures seem to multiply week by week. As we mentally prepare to brave the heat, have you considered how prepared your AC cleaning systems are able to deal with the heat? 

AC cleaning dubaiLike any mechanical system such as a car, your air conditioner also needs to be serviced, AC cleaning and taken care of to ensure they are running at their peak performance, this is analysed in three ways:

  1. Is it working, cooling and blowing?
    • If yes – then your onto a good start
    • If no – call us to inspect and fix, or you will sweat!!
  2. Is the AC System visibly dirty on the diffusers?
    • If yes – then call us to inspect as this means dirt is being blown out from your ducts. This leads to bad indoor air quality, allergies, seasonal colds etc
    • If no – great! Move onto no 3
  3. Is the AC System ducting and filters clean
    • If No – then call us to inspect and test the system for FREE and prepare to be prepared!!!
    • If Yes – Brilliant – you are ready! Call us next year

It is always important that in cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi your Air Conditioning Systems are checked and tested every 6 months to make sure it will work when you need it to.

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